Stephan Weil

Because the price of electricity: the state must intervene immediately

Not only the gas price, but also the electricity costs are increasing rapidly. Something is wrong here, warns Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister. He calls for quick government action.

The development of the electricity price is worrying, said Stephan Weil (SPD) on Sunday. The costs exacerbated the concerns of many that they could no longer afford to pay for energy. Many companies are also concerned about this.

Because: Apparently “huge speculative profits” are being made

“It is important to look at the causes of this development,” says Weil. Unlike gas, electricity is available in the same quantities as in previous years – “with the exception of exceptionally high electricity exports to France”. Apparently it is therefore “above all huge speculative gains that are currently being made”. In addition, other electricity suppliers benefited from the situation, for example producers of renewable energies. “Without additional effort on your part, their profits increase massively.”

Suspension of electricity trading, state price regulation?

The state must intervene quickly and consistently, demanded Weil. He considers an adjustment to the rules of the electricity exchange to be necessary. It was not the cheapest providers that determined the price, but the highest accepted offers. “If a short-term change is not possible because of the Europe-wide discussion, in my view a suspension of electricity trading and temporary state price regulation are also possible.”

Birkner: Operate nuclear power plants beyond the end of the year

The chairman of the FDP parliamentary group, Stefan Birkner, appealed to Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) to submit short-term proposals for a reform of the so-called market design. Habeck must also examine all other options to get the electricity price under control. In the current situation, for example, a clear signal must be given that the nuclear power plants will be operated beyond the end of the year, Birkner demanded. “Stephan Weil and the Greens must finally give up their blockade,” said the FDP politician.

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