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Family is the most important part of any person’s life. Of course, everyone is interested in watching how others live, from the outside. In order not to think about what to do on a cozy autumn evening and not to puzzle over the choice of a movie, everyone should know about the most interesting series about the family.

Series about family: The Umbrella Academy

Series about family: The Umbrella Academy

The first episodes of the fantasy, comedy and drama adventure series were released in 2019. There are 3 seasons in total. Initially, the story, based on the comics, was supposed to be a full-length film. However, later the creators of the picture changed their minds and changed the format. As a result, Netflix has created another exciting show, which is watched with interest by a huge number of viewers.

The plot is based on the unusual history of dozens of families. Suddenly, 43 women who were not pregnant the day before give birth to children. An unknown oligarch decides to adopt 7 of these babies so that they will participate in the future in saving the world. However, after some time, the family breaks up and everyone becomes on their own. The story twists again when, after many years, the already grown children get together again on the occasion of the death of their adoptive father.

Series about the family: “This is Us”

Series about the family: "This is Us"

Comedy melodrama consists of 6 seasons. The serial film was released between 2016 and 2022. The series will make viewers think about what is really important for them in life, and what should not be worried about, because it does not matter.

This Is Us is the story of a couple who have triplets. However, one baby dies, and young people are forced to live with this grief. A husband and wife decide to adopt a child who was born on the same day and make him part of their extended family. Throughout the film, there is a story about both the infancy of three children and their adult life.

Series about family: “Shameless”

Series about family: "Shameless"

The drama consists of 11 seasons. The film was released between 2011 and 2021. Initially, the series was a remake of the painting with the same name, but only in season 1. It went on to become an original film about an Irish-American family.

The plot is based on the story of an unusual family. A father who constantly drinks and six children. At some point, the older sister takes responsibility for the entire family, as her father cannot cope with this.

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