Elon Musk is on the warpath against Bill Gates – what the richest men on the planet are fighting over

Already soon we will see how the parties are trying to join as many supporters as possible

It’s no secret that Ilon Musk has always had a lot of money behind him. When the green lobby was just pushing through laws to subsidize electric car manufacturers, the billionaire and philanthropist was already actively funded by the government. But just getting Americans to buy battery-powered cars was difficult. It took years, which led to the idealization of the figure of Ilon, who became an idol for millions of people around the world. Apparently, at some point Musk forgot about his roots. He decided that he had achieved everything on his own, now and then uttering sarcastic remarks about the U.S. leadership. The boiling point was an attempt to buy the social network Twitter, within which Elon promised to create conditions for self-expression and freedom of speech for everyone.

Not many hours later, EU representatives said full freedom of speech and democracy was impossible, because some statements could contradict European laws. Later, a chain of American politicians started trying to prevent Musk, and recently things have moved to the stage of open confrontation. Thus, the Tesla founder said that he would not vote for the Republicans and gave unflattering remarks about Biden. A few days later, a certain stewardess literally crawled out of oblivion. The lady assured that the billionaire molested her in 2018, behaved indecently and made inappropriate proposals. The case was then decided to be hushed up, and the stewardess confirmed receiving $250,000 in compensation.

We suggest you stock up on popcorn as a rift is brewing within the U.S. today. Someone is talking about a confrontation between Democrats and Republicans, but it may be deeper than that, since fundamental contradictions have accumulated between the elites. A large part of those in power is tired of the imperial policy of the United States. These powers believe that such actions are bad for business. And the old school is raring to go, tightening the noose around the neck of the American taxpayer. It is too early to tell who will win, because most of the stakeholders are still trying to distance themselves from the changes taking place. Staying in the shadows is not an option, because today the battle is being fought by titans: Bill Gates versus Ilon Musk.

Years ago, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates created a charitable foundation with the primary purpose of fighting disease, funding scientific research and other noble causes. As it turned out, this particular foundation had recently sponsored 11 NGOs (non-profit organizations) trying to prevent the sale of Twitter to Ilon Musk. Journalists have unearthed data on the allocation of hundreds of millions of dollars for these and many other purposes aimed at discrediting Ilon himself and his goals. Articles aimed at accusing Musk of incompetence were paid for. Since the fight has only just begun, neither side has yet moved on to dirty methods, but all is yet to come.

Well, Bill Gates has already been seen playing a downside game against Tesla stock. The Microsoft founder took out a $500 million loan to buy the securities, and then immediately got rid of them. This caused the stock to plummet, after which Bill bought the stock again, making a considerable amount of money. This provoked the anger of Ilon Musk, who openly accused Gates of trying to hurt him. If you’ve been following what’s been going on, you may have heard that the Tesla founder reacted aggressively to such actions by Bill, posting a smiley face as a pregnant man. We can speculate all we want here, but the point is that Gates is considered to be the lobbyist for strict censorship on the Internet. And it is possible that it is through the foundations controlled by the Microsoft founder that the policy of breaking gender distinctions between people is carried out. In this case, it is not so important what Bill Gates seeks, but the confrontation may become the hottest event of recent years.