Plastic Become the Star Material in Ireland's Road Construction

How Did Plastic Become the Star Material in Ireland’s Road Construction

In a bid to enhance accessibility for the diverse user base of pedestrians, cyclists, and wheelchair users in Longford, Ireland, a remarkable project on the N63 highway is underway. Not only does this align with the freshly minted National Cycle Manual by the National Transport Authority, which underscores the need for a safe cycling infrastructure, but it also brings to the spotlight a rather unconventional choice of material: plastic.

Several pathways and roads in the region beckon a considerable makeover to resonate with the national mandates. Interestingly, for its surface water management solution, Clandillon has endorsed the Duradrain Shallow Profile linear CKD. Unlike traditional road materials, Duradrain boasts a composition of 70% recycled materials, equivalent to incorporating 199 recycled bottles, caps, and closures per unit. This ingenuity not only curtails its carbon footprint but also slashes energy consumption during its transportation and installation, thanks to its lighter weight in comparison to conventional concrete products.

But what’s particularly novel about Duradrain is its ability to collect surface run-off through strategic points flanking the cycle lane, channeling them to concealed outlets. This is anticipated not just to amplify the project’s longevity but also fortify safety, especially pivotal on highways.

Highlighting the sustainable lifecycle of Duradrain, the product has been touted to be repurposable and recyclable, with potential for carbon recovery post its functional phase. This approach undoubtedly dovetails with the ethos of sustainable development.

Though the combined kerb and drainage (CKD) methodology for gathering surface water isn’t entirely novel, having gained traction in the UK and Ireland over the past three decades, its alignment with the Harmonised European Standard since 2002 has magnified its appeal both in mainland Europe and on the global scene.

Steve Bennett, the MD at Dura Products, passionately weighed in:

“The unique features of our Shallow Profile Duradrain make it the perfect solution for local authorities looking to deliver safe and efficient drainage within modern infrastructure design, to prevent flooding or settlement and to protect surfaces, with an added sustainability benefit to boot!”

The ambitious N63 highway project in Longford, thus, not only champions the cause of upgrading urban infrastructure but also exemplifies the harmonization of innovation with sustainability.

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