New Garett compressors to promote the adoption of zero-emission vehicles

How Does Europe’s Hydrogen-Powered Vision?

HYVIA has delineated its strategy for pioneering green hydrogen mobility in Europe. Supported by industry stalwarts like Renault Group and Plug Power, HYVIA’s goal encompasses an all-inclusive green solution, ranging from the production of hydrogen to the deployment of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Garrett’s advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology is positioned at the forefront of Europe’s transition towards hydrogen-powered transport. The company’s cutting-edge Electric Compressor for hydrogen fuel cells aims to elevate the operations of HYVIA, a key player in the European hydrogen transport solutions ecosystem.

Garrett’s Perspective on Collaborations and Sustainability

Complementing HYVIA’s ambitions, Garrett’s hydrogen fuel cell technology showcases a fuel cell compressor specially crafted for high-performance fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). This technology:

  • facilitates a notable enhancement in the power density of fuel cell systems, with an increase of over 50%;
  • guarantees FCEVs that outshine in terms of range, dependability, and exceptional driving experience.

Lutz Glaeser, Garrett’s head of fuel cell compressor development, emphasized:

“At Garrett, we believe in innovation that fosters real-world change. Our fuel cell electric compressor is more than just technology; it’s a testament to our commitment to a sustainable future. Collaborating with partners like HYVIA underscores our dedication to advancing hydrogen-powered mobility in Europe.”

To contextualize, HYVIA’s overarching goal is to position hydrogen at the core of Europe’s sustainable energy framework. In this transformative scenario, Garrett’s pioneering technology emerges as a vital catalyst.

Glaeser further added:

“In an industry that’s rapidly evolving, it’s partnerships like these – blending vision with technological prowess – that will set the pace for a cleaner, more efficient transportation future in Europe.”

About Garrett

Garrett is a globally recognized company that specializes in innovative technologies, particularly in the domains of transportation and vehicle performance. With a legacy rooted in technology and innovation, the company consistently strives to offer solutions that enhance efficiency, reduce emissions, and elevate performance.

Note on HYVIA

HYVIA is a joint venture focusing on hydrogen mobility solutions. Aiming to revolutionize transportation through green hydrogen, it has established a comprehensive approach from hydrogen production to its utilization in vehicles.

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