Creating a new tech standard for solar panels

What New Efficiency Standard is 3SUN Setting for Solar Panels?

As the need for solar generation efficiency skyrockets in the face of dwindling land availability and escalating costs, 3SUN steps into the spotlight with its innovative bifacial hetero-junction CORE-H solar cells. These powerhouses are setting new bars in the solar sector, outshining traditional models like PERC, PERT, or TOPCon.

For four consecutive years, including 2023, solar power has led the charge in new capacity additions to the U.S. electricity grid. In the past, ramping up solar capacity was a simple game of adding more panels. However, this tactic is no longer viable. The future of solar energy expansion is anchored in enhancing generation efficiency, a puzzle the industry has yet to crack efficiently.

But enter 3SUN, a beacon of innovation in solar technology. Earlier this year, the company unveiled plans to establish one of the largest solar PV module and cell manufacturing hubs in Inola, Oklahoma. With a history rooted in its first facility in Catania, Italy, 3SUN is no novice. The Italian base, a birthplace to the groundbreaking CORE-H technology, is scaling up its production capacity from 200 to 3,000 MW annually.

CORE-H emerges as a blend of crystalline and amorphous silicon layers, a fusion that propels solar energy production past the confines of conventional arrangements. The double-sided 3SUN bifacial HJT CORE-H solar cells bask in sunlight, marking a significant milestone by setting a world record in 2020 with an efficiency conversion of 24.63%.

Giovanni Bertolino, Head of 3SUN USA, asserts:

“Decarbonizing the energy sector is incredibly important to securing the future of our planet. By producing efficient, reliable photovoltaic modules for both utility-scale and distributed generation installations, we enable a more sustainable solution to the decarbonization challenge. And we’re doing it with 100% renewable electricity in our 3SUN USA facility.”

Weathering storms and enduring high temperatures, 3SUN’s solar cells epitomize resilience and durability, standing as stalwarts against the onslaught of climate change-induced extreme weather patterns. The affiliation with Enel, a global titan in the renewable energy sector, enriches 3SUN’s technological pedigree, enabling it to forge ahead with innovations tailored to combat the distinct challenges besetting renewable generation facilities.

“A more innovative, efficient solar industry benefits everyone. I look forward to seeing its growth and opportunity as advancements like bifacial hetero-junction technology become the standard,” Bertolino reiterates.

As the world eagerly anticipates the dawn of 2024, eyes are set on 3SUN. The solar panels birthed in the Catania facility will soon grace the U.S. market, symbolizing not just an entry of a product but the inauguration of an era where efficiency and innovation in solar technology are not aspirations, but the norm.

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